Healthy Body Workplace Program

The Healthy Body Program has been tested with over 100,000 clients and patients, and has been validated in three separate peer-reviewed scientific publications. The goal of the program is to help people eat better and exercise in a way that works for them and their body. In addition to nutrition and exercise, participants receive guidance to improve sleep, manage stress, improve mindset, and get support from family, friends, and coworkers.


Many workplaces are seeing the benefits of this program and are now providing the program to their employees at no cost or at a reduced cost.  If you are an employee who is interested in seeing this program offered at your workplace, check with your employer to see if the program is covered or to inquire about their interest in offering the program to employees.


Description of Online Program


  • Participants reduce body weight by 5 to 7% within first six months
  • Led by a trained health and lifestyle coach
  • Lessons and activities are sent through an online app to participants and include strategic daily nutrition practices
  • Expert-designed exercise programs, customized to participant’s skill level, goals, and time available
  • Coach will provide private feedback, support, and accountability to participants
  • Participants have access to a private group to engage, get support, and camaraderie from coach and other program participants


Program Options


  • 3 Month Program
  • 6 Month Program
  • 12 Month Program
  • Nutrition Only Program
  • Exercise Only Program
  • Combined Nutrition and Exercise Program