Boot Camp


Frankfort High’s gym on Ewing Street (Juniper Hill Park during warmer months)



5:45 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Shellie Wingate



$40 for 4 weeks


What You Get

45-50 minutes of fat-burning, muscle-toning workout to accommodate your fitness level and goals


Monthly fitness assessment


Healthy eating tips and recipes


Group training that provides fun camaraderie and motivation


Email support and coaching


Have you struggled with finding the time, knowledge, or motivation to get fit? Our fitness Boot Camp offers certified personal training in a group atmosphere, to help you reach your fitness goals in a more affordable way than private sessions.


Each boot camp class promises an intense, fat-burning workout led by a certified personal trainer.  While our boot camp schedule goes by 4-week sessions, you can begin at any time.


Where is Boot Camp located?

Boot camp is located at Juniper Hill Park.  During cold weather months and inclement weather, boot camp is located at Investors Heritage Auditorium at the corner of Shelby Street and Second Street.  Please enter at the back from Shelby Street.


How long will each class last?

I have found that shorter, more intense workouts keep people interested and motivated and also help prevent burnout.  I do not plan for any of the classes to last longer than 45 minutes.


Will I be able to keep up with the intensity?

I have formatted the classes so that most of the exercises can be adjusted to each individual’s fitness level.  For any exercise that an individual can’t perform for the allotted amount of time or number of repetitions, you are encouraged to take an active rest period until you can continue the exercise or the class has completed the exercise.  Active rest means that you will be taking a rest from the exercise, but you will still be performing an activity I’ve instructed you to perform such as knee taps, holding an exercise position, stretches, etc.  I will be encouraging everyone to work on increasing intensity so that each of you will continue to build your endurance as the camp progresses, but the intensity will ultimately be up to you.Please remember, for liability reasons, you will not be able to participate without the registration forms being signed and delivered to me by the start of the class.


Can I refer other people that may be interested?

Absolutely!  I am limiting the class size, but would welcome anyone who is interested in signing up.  If you know someone who may be interested in an afternoon boot camp, please have them contact me for info on that as well. You and the person your refer will receive 50% off of your 4-week session when you refer someone.


Is there a sign-up deadline and how can I pay?

There is no sign-up deadline, but there will be a class size limit.  You can sign up for a try before you buy class or sign up for the entire 4-week boot camp.  For registration and payment instructions, please click here.  You may also pay per class.


What do I bring to camp?

You will need a mat, hand towel, a pair of 3 lb., 5 lb., 8 lb., or 10 lb. dumbbells (depending on your fitness level; you are welcome to bring more than one pair if you aren’t sure of the weight you should begin), water bottle, running shoes and loose and/or stretchy, comfortable clothing. All of these items can be purchased at local stores.


What about the weather?

Our outdoor boot camps will be held rain or shine unless heavy downpours, lightning and/or high winds are in the area. If there is dangerous weather in the area, boot camp will be moved to Investors Heritage Auditorium.  Moving the location will be posted on the website and boot camp participants will be notified by text message. I will make every effort to determine if a location change is necessary by 10pm the night before, but if there is dangerous weather in the area, please check your text message or the  website before coming. If you have questions regarding location change, please don’t hesitate to call me.


In the case of poor road conditions during the colder months, I will notify you of cancellations in the same manner as location changes.  I will make every effort to have make-up classes on weekend days, but please know that this is not always possible.  Road conditions can be different depending on your location.  If class is not cancelled, but you do not feel comfortable driving, there is no obligation to attend class.

Come join us and start your new fitness lifestyle today!


Not sure if Boot Camp is right for you?  CoachShellie strongly encourages everyone to consult with your physician prior to beginning a fitness program or increasing the intensity of an existing program.  Try a class before you buy.